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Cremation With No Service | Starting at $1,390

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Cremation With Full Service | Starting at $3,290

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Burial | Starting at $2,790

Welcome To Michael Hutchinson Funerals

  • Michael Hutchinson Funerals, Skinners Funerals and Murphy Funerals are uncomplicated and economical funeral directors.

  • We offer our services throughout South East Queensland.

  • We show you our prices throughout this website to help you determine the general cost of a funeral before you contact us.

  • There are many variables to consider when planning a funeral and we are here to help you.

  • We understand that this is a difficult time and that the cost of a funeral can sometimes be a hardship – so we provide you with flexible options which range from the most very basic cremation at a cost of $1390, through to a full-service funeral with all services provided.

Extra ordinary set of services for all needs

We strive to set the highest standards for funeral services.

Services Provided in Our Fee

Services Provided in Our Fee


Transfer From A Public Hospital

Public hospitals have a holding facility(Mortuary) so they can hold your loved one for a period of time. We need to call the hospital for the Cause of Death Certificate, this can take up to 48hrs for this to be produced. Once this is produced we will do the transfer & bring your loved one into our care.

Our Professional Fees

Our labour and costs for performing all aspects of arranging, preparing & performing the service you wish for your loved one.


Our traditional coffin is included in our service fee, we have a selection of others if you wish to see. Please go to our Coffins and Caskets page.

Cremation Permit

This is a form that an independent doctor signs so we can do the cremation.

Form 9 Cause Of Death Certificate

Produced by a Doctor and needed to perform the service and also to register the death through Births Deaths & Marriages.

Company Celebrant

FREE of charge for a full service cremation or burial.  They will adapt to the service you wish for your loved one.


For a Full Service Cremation or Burial we always use a hearse to carry the coffin from our premises to the place of the service. We have a choice of three very respectful Hearses (although we give you a choice, we cannot guarantee the hearse you choose is available). Below are a couple of our hearses

Official Death Certificate

We register the death on your behalf through Births Deaths & Marriages.  They will send you an official copy within 2 weeks of the service.

Memoriam Book

FREE of charge for full service cremation or burial, our memoriam books are very respectful. The one shown is included or we have a selection of designs & colours. If you wish to choose another colour please let us know. Extra charges may occur for a different book.

Ashes Return

For No Service Non Attended cremation we can have the ashes sent registered post to a nominated address; or a nominated person can collect from the crematorium; or we can collect them for you and you can collect them from our office at Acacia Ridge (By Appointment)

ST 10%

Is included in all our servicesFor additional services and options, please refer to  “Additional Fees and Options”

The Bitterest tears shed over graves are

for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

– Harriet Beecher Stowe